Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Reichsexecution in Hess-Homburg

Part of a dispatch note from one:
Blei-Sammeln, Feldmarschallieutenant...stationed in Hess-Homburg

However, despite the Landgraf's legal exercising of the patents granting his family the right of independence from Homburg, the Imperial court in Vienna has declared a Reichsexecution against Hesse-Fedora and provided armies, funds, and a certain General von Blei-Sammeln to the court of Hesse-Homburg.

This would then form only the first of opportunities for 'well-placed' families to maneuver those 3rd and 4th sons into positions needed by the good Blei-Sammeln.

While the Wieners may not feel so inclined to direct their offspring into the greater Reich perchance a small force could be dispatched so as to ensure the 'proper' actions are taken with regard to this Hesse-Fedora?