Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stagonian Madness!

For some inexplicable reason the Stagonians have decided to move through Saxe-Bearstein and Linz in support of Altmoranian aggression!

The Stagonians even advanced from Linz to Wein itself!

Stagonian columns pressed eastwards into Austrian Imperial holdings ~ both were repulsed!

In a battle lasting some only 1 hour General Brown routed the hapless Stagonians, even sending out enough pursuit forces to complete the surrender of the entire force after they had suffered some 55% casualties.

In another battle, east of the Tipplebruder region, General Charles forced a retreat of the attacking Stagonian armies, this battle taking only 90 minutes to conclude. No follow up was conducted as the Altmoranians had been successful in thier investiture of Pilsner, the capitol of Saxe-Bearstein.

The situation in central Urope is bleak for the opponents of Altmoranian aggression.

The Bearstein forces are all but destroyed in their defense of the capitol, Pilsner. General Dawn has also withdrawn in the face of superior Altmoranian numbers, now forming into defenses in Burtz, capitol of Burtzenia.


David said...

Trying again, 22nd November!

Thanks for the news, MurdocK. I tried posting a comment but got a big Blogger error instead! This is what I tried to say:

Uh oh - looking very sticky. It's just as well Tippelbruder's defences have been comprehensively strengthened since the last big attack...

Awaiting developments with that sinking feeling.



P.S. I couldn't log into my blog, either!

21 November 2011 16:21

MurdocK said...

Not likely a battle direct this time, so much as an army in retreat licking its wounds and ravaging the countryside for forage ...

David said...

Ah, right - then we'll probably have to call in the Freikorps again to do some patrolling in the countryside round Tippelbruder. I'm sure they'll enjoy some real life practice rather than just endless exercises... ;-)