Friday, April 11, 2008

Interesting developments

Over on the EvE blog, there's been some interesting discussion about the Ottoman situation.
Now I've had another interesting idea ....

From the Baron V. Kluggelhande, representative of Frankszonia ....
Now since the real trouble obviously originates from the Grand Wazoo of Instant Bull, why don't we search for a connection with the P'Shaw of I Ran of Purses?
Also, I suspect that the Sultanate would be vulnerable to the agitations of provocateurs among not only the various subjugated peoples, such as the Geeks, but also among the various regional Bey and Beylerbegs who might find a bit of creative confusion in "complying with Imperial commands" quite profitable and liberating.
On the other hand, we must guard against the nefarious schemes of the Elector whose heretical leanings might lend itself to using the Turks in his own ambitions ... further, I suspect that we need to be alert for the ambitions of local potentates, such as Hesse-Homburg, siphoning away the Imperial forces for their own aggrandizement.