Thursday, January 24, 2008

That was then,,,,,

I am posting this photo of my Austrians on Phil Olley's wargames table around one year ago. I thought it might inspire you all to come up with some super Austrian postings . Looking forward to our first council meeting....

Monday, January 21, 2008

General Mackay

4 Schottland Strasse Wein : home of the Obrist-Land-und-Haus Zeugamt

The two seater mule litter pulled up outside 44 Schottland Strasse. It was the start of another day's work for General von Mackay at the administration for ordinance and the arsenals ( obrist-land -und-haus zeugarant) .The General lept up the stairs and opened the highly polished door. A servant took his gloves and cane. Up the stairs to his office went the General and into the first door on the right. The daily cry of Cake and Coffee Herr General was met by the daily Of course Ludwig , and bring some for yourself !
It was an even more delightful confection than yesterday - a combination of the visual and taste sensations the staff had come to expect here at 44 Schottland Strasse.
The morning wore on with more coffee ,cake and more annual powder returns for the Grenzer Regiments - each written in almost unreadable script . Soon the Midday bells chimed from the Cathedral. The mule litter turned up outside and Von Mackay got himself ready for his next engagement - it had been a rather busy morning indeed.

Mackay wished he had a rich and successful patron to turn to. The Empress had posted him to command once more and he was in no hurry to return to active service. His glory days in the Turkish War of '37 had been eventful but that was then and this is now.Still how to avoid the joys of command.He would have to think well and fast.....

Sunday, January 20, 2008


With this superb picture of Von Trenck I say hello and that I am looking forward to joining in the Imperial fun- now what happens next....

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn Sends Envoy to Vienna

Msgr. Baldesar de Chiaroscuro, S.J., lately returned from his travels in the Banat on pastoral matters, has been delegated to serve as special envoy plenipotentiary to the Geheimer Rat of her imperial majesty in Vienna.

Saxe-Bearstein's Reasons

Well, I've decided that since Saxe-Bearstein occupies the area sometimes known as Bohemia and that the history I created for them began with an Italian Swiss mercenary unit (almost certainly Catholic) and that I've got some Grenzers in my army that I probably would be siding with Austria.

So, Saxe-Bearstein has joined the O.U.A. -- but that doesn't mean that they will always agree with it -- for example, our infantry wear red uniforms and are proud of it (our Swiss heritage and all that).

-- Jeff

Wien participates:

Let's see, there's Alte Fritz, TragardMaster, and my Wieners ... who else?

I'm going to have start a new blog anyway, I'd guess ...
But here's the primary people for the Weiners, who are the major competition for the Frankfurters ...

B: Wieners:

* Empress Teaser Hopsbier (flirtatious and tends to throw expensive parties, but really
cherishes her folks ... and her soldiers, especially the tall, young, athletic ones) ...
* Her protégé: Marsha, the Countess Dawn, considered by most to be an harmless coquette (who actually is a brilliant military tactician) who masquerades as a man in order to be:
* Maj. General Done: (2) Seems reserved and standoffish to his staff. He is extremely private
in his personal life and upholds very high standards of behavior. However, he often is
mysteriously gone when not on active campaign, and at these times nobody knows where he is.
He is known to be a confidante of the Empress and very influential in her program of military
* Feld Marshal Brownale (2) Boisterous and enthusiastic when in contact with the enemy. His
enthusiasm is shared with the troops with whom he likes to unofficially socialize. Has a
reputation for being able to rally units and to encourage dangerous assaults. He is a friend of Gen
Woad, the Baron Sipcup, or is that Hiccup?
* Prinz Joesipper: (0) hangs out with the cafe crowd. \
* Oberst Hasenpfeffer: (0) Impatient and peppery.
* Oberst Katzenhaus: (1) has also risen in the Wiener ranks due to exceptional services rendered.
* M. Gen. Schnitzelen: (0) classic case of prospering by being kicked upstairs.
* Oberst Spam: (0) is raising a jaeger regiment which he intends to flood into hostile areas.
* Waddle: (0)
* Schlogger: (0)
* Snorzen: (1) (a Baltic SoF)
* Wilhelm von Shlickt (1) : A freikorps leader, he avoids open combat.
His dubious reputation in small wars leaves a stain on the honor of the army ... Likes cigars.
A real Wiener ....
** Unfortunately, I did not get the citation for these, but I was reading something on the net and
ran across Graf Otto von Botelauden and Henrich Wallpot von Passenheim. So ...
* Graf Blotto von Bottleladen: (0) Middle aged, subject to wild mood swings, uses a prince nez
as it reminds him of the view through the bottom of the bottle or stein. While flagrantly
promiscuous on campaign, when at home or on any non-combat mission is notoriously
passionate about family and Frau. Actually, his income is derived more from a successful
tavern and inn chain / franchise than from the minuscule hereditary lands.
und ....
* Ernst Hallpot von Pissenhelm.: (1) soldier of fortune. Works on time limited capitularies
only. While rigorously loyal during period of contract, he has been known to refuse renewals at
the last moment. Otherwise, a good jack of all trades militarily. He has excelled at organizing
supply trains, depots, and hospitals. Details of his lineage seem curiously fluid.
* Riergard v. Rottenbrat: (0) Irritable, duelist, pettifogging administrator.
* Picklemany (2): Competent. Good leader, but tends to be conservative in approach to
* Blumentwit: (0) (Inspired by real, WWII German, Blumentrit).
* Grimsnifter (0)
* Sauerputz (0)

The Hungry forces include:
* Gen. Naggy (1)
* Eaterhasty: (1)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Imperial Ambition

As a part of the Emperor vs. Elector blog rolls this place is set aside for the collective efforts of those 'Imperial' flavoured realms to co-ordinate and collaborate in a variety of popular 'fictional' timeframes.