Monday, January 21, 2008

General Mackay

4 Schottland Strasse Wein : home of the Obrist-Land-und-Haus Zeugamt

The two seater mule litter pulled up outside 44 Schottland Strasse. It was the start of another day's work for General von Mackay at the administration for ordinance and the arsenals ( obrist-land -und-haus zeugarant) .The General lept up the stairs and opened the highly polished door. A servant took his gloves and cane. Up the stairs to his office went the General and into the first door on the right. The daily cry of Cake and Coffee Herr General was met by the daily Of course Ludwig , and bring some for yourself !
It was an even more delightful confection than yesterday - a combination of the visual and taste sensations the staff had come to expect here at 44 Schottland Strasse.
The morning wore on with more coffee ,cake and more annual powder returns for the Grenzer Regiments - each written in almost unreadable script . Soon the Midday bells chimed from the Cathedral. The mule litter turned up outside and Von Mackay got himself ready for his next engagement - it had been a rather busy morning indeed.

Mackay wished he had a rich and successful patron to turn to. The Empress had posted him to command once more and he was in no hurry to return to active service. His glory days in the Turkish War of '37 had been eventful but that was then and this is now.Still how to avoid the joys of command.He would have to think well and fast.....


Bluebear Jeff said...

Isn't it a pity that gout SO limits one's mobility? And it is so painful* that it keeps one from campaigning.

* (I occasionally suffer from gout and will guarantee that it is VERY painful -- even the air hurts.)

-- Jeff

andygamer said...

Is that one of those Apple-wood laptop personal assistants illustrated that I've read so much about? Cool.