Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saxe-Bearstein's Reasons

Well, I've decided that since Saxe-Bearstein occupies the area sometimes known as Bohemia and that the history I created for them began with an Italian Swiss mercenary unit (almost certainly Catholic) and that I've got some Grenzers in my army that I probably would be siding with Austria.

So, Saxe-Bearstein has joined the O.U.A. -- but that doesn't mean that they will always agree with it -- for example, our infantry wear red uniforms and are proud of it (our Swiss heritage and all that).

-- Jeff

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MurdocK said...

Once the Imperial and Royal armies start moving it would be very hard for Saxe-Bearstein to resist them alone...

better to have an 'access granted' plan that leaves your Princedom intact.