Friday, May 23, 2008

Prinz Robert (the) Axe

early dawn...home of minor noble family in Wein.

A decorated carriage rolled up to the front steps, the footman had leapt off the running board even before the horses had been reigned in. This footman holding his hat and wig on with one hand dashed up the steps and pulled the elaborate ringer.

He entered the home, while the horses stamped and champed sweating in the early morning air, no one else departed from the coach which had curtains drawn closed.

From the home another servant dashed, buttoning his coat quickly he smothed his coat-tails and approached the coachman at the reigns. With practiced grace he took the lead for the horses and stood by the front of the animals, producing a few apple pieces from a pocket so as to calm the animals more easily. The coachman then got down from the front and arranged the steps for the coach door.

All stood waiting for some time.


Presently from within the home a woman in a simple frock dress and a young man in a red military cut coat came out to the coach. Both of them deceded the stair and bowing low before the side of the coach waited for response.

"Robert." said a womans voice from within the coach, "Come in."

The young man looked to the older one in the simple dress next to him and smiling he entered the coach.

There was little room within the coach and Robert was face to face with Marsha, the Countess Dawn at the moment he entered.

"M..Majesty." he blurted out and tried to embrace her hand as quickly as he could upon entering the coach.

"Well Robert, you have been accepted and the Empress supports your decision." She had a sour look on her face. "I do not." Then she of those smiles that can part the clouds on a rainy day. "I will be certain to send you off properly though!" She then embraced him quickly.

Robert was smiling and enjoying the embrace, when a male throat cleared outside the coach.

"Yes Countess," Robert managed to kiss her gloved hand this time better composed.

"Go fetch your needs and I will transport you to the court and your commissioning."

Robert had a confused look, Marsha, the Countess Dawn continued.

"Go, GO. Quickly now."

The smartly dressed young man then vaulted from the coach, nodding a greeting to his father, whom now turned a pale shade on seeing Marsha; he did not interrupt the man as he dashed up the stairs three at a time flying to his chambers.

"Prince Blade." Said Marsha, the Countess Dawn holding out a scrap of paper with a bright blue ribbon attached. "This is for you."

Taking the note the older man then carefully opened the note:

Prince Blade,

By the order of the Empress, Prince Axe request for attendance with The Prince of Wales Troop Depot has been granted.

Prince Axe is to travel at once with my agent.

Maj. General Done

The elder Prince nodded curtly to Countess Dawn, knowing of her favor with the Empress, he decided to only encourage the others of the family that were now appearing to see the strange visitor, to return into the home.

Prince Blade then embraced his son Robert before he boarded the coach, as his travel trunks were loaded by the puffing footman.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Military Maneuvers ... part one

Gideon Lewdon, newest Knight of Marie Teaser, surveyed the columns moving in the valley below.

His task was to break the Altmoranian siege of Oldmütz, currently being lead by their young arch-duke jungmeister "Fritz".

The fortifications would easily hold for the summer, whether or not they could weather all of autumn or into winter was another question altogether.

The Altmoranian attempt at storming had not worked and now siegeworks were in progress, ultimately the Altmoranians were also not ready for an extended siege it would seem as their heavy ordinance was not in place and the supplies for keeping such a large force static were going to have to run thru some mountain passes.

This was where Brigadier Lewdon came in, Maj. General Done had set him the task of harrassing these supplies. First the Hussars would have to work with local Jagers and Grenzer formations in determining the routes of Altmoranian supplies. Once these were found then his new columns could be brought into action!