Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ein Appeal zu der Volksrad

A personal message from the Hurtshog Stanken Fahrtz v. Frankfurter to the Deutsche Adelborn (German nobility):

My dear Cousins:

It has come to our attention that some consider Frankszonia to be an imperialist, aggressor state. This seems to have arisen due to our campaign to create a Super Sized Fry Stadt.
Ironically, this mis apprehension devolves from our desire to create a less plastic situation in which the dignity and freshness of our Folk is swallowed up by some six million strong ogre. Indeed, even though we in Frankszonia are ourselves perforce occupied by the Gallian hordes, one may notice that our struggles are often with our soi distant allies therein who have been caught undermining the autonomy of a local franchise.
Indeed, unlike other self proclaimed defenders of the Deutsche Mark, almost before the furor of conflict has fallen silent, the leaders of our neighbors have found themselves in the Frankfurter Bun, with the flavor of their office and authority enhanced rather than reduced.
Come, the Kreis are sounding for the defense of the Empress and our Graftsen. We are one Folk. Let us all go together in one Folk’s Wagon!

Hzg. F v Frankfurter

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