Monday, December 15, 2008

Young Wilhelm II home for the holidays

Wilhelm II arrived home from the University of Pabst with a lovely young lady in tow. The Lady Louise von Pilsner is the daughter of Gen Graf Rupert von Pilsner and a favorite at Court. Humors abound that she has frequently visited young Wilhhelm keeping him from his studies. Ritter von Meltzer of the Markgraaf of Raubenstadt, a fellow classmate, will also be spending the holidays at the Beerstein's hunting lodge.


andygamer said...

What a beautiful pair.

Bluebear Jeff said...

The senior general of the Saxe-Bearstein army is Gen. Baron Helmut von Pilsner . . . I suspect that he may be a cousin of your Gen. Graf Rupert von Pilsner . . . for it is said that military genius is often found in the von Pilsners.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

Martin said...

The Markgraaf's comment was, "Most of a higher education takes place outside of the classroom or lecture hall. I hope he has a good time!" The Margravine was reported to be, "Not amused."

Great photo, by the by, Cap'n Bill.
Wherever do you find them?!



Der Alte Fritz said...

I hope that the young lady is always accompanied by another lady when she pays visits to young Wilhelm. Otherwise, tongues will wag.

Capt Bill said...

I suspect the von Pilsners are indeed related. They are reportedly a vast clan with family ties throughout the continent. The Reich Duchess is keeping a keen eye on Lady Louise and has set her ladies in waiting to monitor her activities. It is also reported that young Ritter von Meltzer has also been seen in the company of a comely lass! What will develop?

MurdocK said...

Österreich Court appears to abound with the von Pilsners...perchance that they will gain even greater fame?

Always a careful balancing act due to the pressures coming from other factions of the court.