Thursday, July 29, 2010

Reich Duke Wilhelm appears at big battle in Southern Silesia

Reich Duke Wilhelm and his new drum wagon cheer on Austrian Allies.

Austrians crush the Prussian left wing.

Prussian right wing maneuvers to attack, but the Prussian's loss on the left wing make the effort irrelevant.

The Prussian surge in the center is repulsed by the Austrians.

The Prussian center struggles to regroup.

Prussian cavalry reserve moves to support the Prussian right wing, but the effort is too little to late.

Reich Duke Wilhelm watches as the Austrian center repulse the Prussians.

Despite heavy casualties, the Austrian right wing decides the battle. A complete rout of the Prussians. Thirteen Prussian units were utterly destroyed, but the Austrians were too weak to pursue. They were pleased to hold the field.


A J said...

A formidable battle indeed! Thanks for sharing.

Fitz-Badger said...

Yes, quite a "to-do"!

Frankfurter said...

And casualty caps ...
I'm thinking of using the K.K. casualty counters ...

MurdocK said...


Great show!

HUZZAH for the Empress!

MurdocK said...

Marvelous SIMPLY Marvelous!

Great show and love the eye candy!

tidders2 said...

great battle report

-- Allan