Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A letter

A letter from Istanbul...
To their florivorios Majesties of Europa,
Greetings in the name of Right ! To her fragrentness blossom Maria Theresa and the heads of states insignificant and petty I send the greetings of my master Mustapha Sultan of the East and master of all!
I write,once more and with the greatest urgency demanding that ambassadors be appointed and sent forthwith to His Excellency's Palace in Istanbul that relations may be made known regarding the handing over of what land is rightly ours since 1739! We have waited long and desire only peace and land that is our by Laws divine and human! The land once known as the Banat of Torgoras is once more under our control and so we wait upon the border of Austria and Europa herself!
An ultimatum is being sent forth to Europa - if no ambassadors are forthcoming by the next Full Moon , accompanied by endeavours to surrender lands once more to us then we shall call the full force of our armies will be asked to meet, from all the ends of the earth, with a view to war !
We wish peace and justice to flow between our lands and Europa as well as the Eastern territories of the Austrian Empire to be ours once more . Failure to do so will regretfully mean the sounding of the shrill flute of conquest! That which was stopped at the gates of Vienna will not be stopped this time!
Evidya Secretary to the Vizier- blessed be his name for ever!


Frankfurter said...

Frankszonia pledges loyalty to the Empress in this affair (even though she IS a Wiener!). To symbolize our loyalty as a sovereign stadt among the great confederation of sovereignities in the Holy Roman Empire, we have created a new flag (on the Frankszonian blog).
Furthermore, we hope to work for the restoration of Christian freedom and rule in the Banat of Togaras. To further this dream, we create a new product, Turkey Frankfurters, a measure of the profits from which we will dedicate to driving back the infidel despot!

Hurtshog Fahrtz von Frankfurter

MurdocK said...

...overheard in a garden outside the winter palace, known to be 'packing' for the move to summer residences.

"No, these noises from the sultan are of no consequence. They will make one or two charges then be blasted to bits at the frontier."

...another question...not clearly heard

"Togaras? Not worth anything."

Frankfurter said...

Btw, we know who plays the grand WAzoo or whatever, but is there anybody in particular playing the Roly poly Empire?

MurdocK said...

This forum: Österreich Über Alles has been - more or less - established so that the hawk'n'dove factions of the courts of Vienna might find a voice in our little corner(s) of imaginary Urope...