Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beerstein Boys Defeat Dreaded Prussians at Alesgarden

Reich Duke Wilmhelm von Beerstein is pleased to announce his brave army soundly defeated the dreaded Prussians at Alesgarden! Although all Beerstein rejoyces, the battle was hard fought and their were many casualties. Baron von Brewski was killed while leading his valiant cuirassier brigade against the Prussian heavy cavalry. His son Col. Ludwig von Brewski led his Corona Cuirassiers in a desperate charge that forced the Prussian heavy cavalry back across the ford of the River Ales. Duke Wilhelm immediately promoted Ludwig to Brigadier of his fathers beloved Cuirassiers and invested him into the Order of the Goblet. Lugwig will hence be known as the Third Baron of Brewski. Generaloffizer Mckay's transfomation of our artillery was a major factor in our victory. He was invested into the Military Order of the Golden Crown, our highest award for victory, gallantry, and daring do on the field of battle. Gen der Brigade Lothar von Blutundedonner was serious wounded while leading his third gallant charge of the Dragoons. His brigade completely routed the Prussians who managed to cross the south bridge. Duke Wilhelm was so impressed he named Lother Baron von Alesgarden and he will be forever known as "Blutundedonner of Alesgarden."Lothar was invested into the Military Order of the Golden Crown and is recovering at the Duke's hunting Lodge. Duchess Lynda is also overseeing the medical treatment of General Picklemany who was thrown from his horse. Both generals are expected to fully recover, however, General von Blutundedonner may lose the sight in his right eye. General Picklemany's Hungarians were roughly handled with two units routing. The Warsteiner Fusiliers stood like a wall and covered the withdrawal of the rest of the brigade. General Picklemany's actions were instrumental in holding the line, and was invested into the Order of the Golden Crown. Another hero was General Lista who brought his brigade up just in the nick of time to save General Picklemany's Hungarians from being overrun. General Lista was invested into the Order of the Golden Crown and named Baron von Lista. The fighting was so difficult that Baron von Lista and General Picklemany's brigades were only able to pursue the routing Prussians as far as the River Ales. Photo of this glorious victory will appear on the Beerstein blog. Enjoy!


Frankfurter said...

The Wieners rejoice at the wonderful news!
And Frankszonia will throw a special kegger and Barbeque ....

Frankfurter said...

Gen. Picklemany has already expressed admiration for the lovely Duchess Lynda and is deeply touched by her kind concern over his trifling injuries (and may get one of his Italian cousins to compose a suitable ditty in tribute to her ... I said SUITABLE, other ... ah ... laudatory paens already being in circulation ....)

Fitz-Badger said...

Sounds like fun. Great picture! And lots of promotions, wounds, etc., sounds like it was a hard-fought victory that will be studied by Beersteiner school children for generations to come.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Furst Bruno von Ursa of the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein sends his congratulations for your splendid victory.

However, while he understands that Saxe-Bearstein's Generalmajor Adolph von Coors (currently serving with your forces) is newly recovered from his wounds, he urges you to convey to the good generalmajor the Furst's disappointment in not seeing that worthy's name amongst the heroes of this battle.

He urges that you let von Coors know that the Furst will be looking to see his name in the accounts of future battles.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein
(for the Furst)

Capt Bill said...

Furst Bruno von Ursa of the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein

Gen Coors was briefly comment upon on the emperor vs elector site. Gen Coors was so dispondent that his Grenadier Brigade failed to advance for more than three hours, he offered his resignation. The Reich Duke would have none of it!
Although the greanadiers played no active part in the battle, their mere presence scared the Prussians. We expect valiant service from Grenarla Coors and his grenadiers as the campaign progresses,
Best regards, Wilhelm

MurdocK said...

I think a table showing the Order of Battle for your forces is needed.

Or at least a scorecard or playbill to be able to sort out the actors on your battlestage.

Capt Bill said...

Murdock, A complete lit if the Beerstein army appears on the Beerstein blog, and most of the army was at Alesgarden. The Prussians were also my troops. and I will post a list of those dreaded foes. Thanks for the suggestion....Bill