Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reich Duke Wilhelm wins Great Victory over dreaded Prussians at Blatzberg, Maj Gen von Coors vindicated

Maj Gen von Coors deployed his Corps of Observation in a strongly prepared position, in front of the village of Blatzberg, to await the on coming Prussians. Although greatly out numbered, he was willing to fight to the death until Reich Duke Wilhelm's reserves could come to the rescue. The Corps of Observation avoided battle for nearly a week while Maj Gen von Coors sought the perfect battlefield. Anchoring his right flank on the River Blatz and his left flank by dense forest, he positioned his infantry and artillery on the high ground. His cavalry and grenzers blocked the main road that could force him to retreat yet again. As the Prussians deployed, they were hampered by the narrow valley and strong position of the Beerstein troops. After several hours of deploying, they had no choice but to conduct a frontal attack. The first brigade was repulsed with heavy casualties forcing the second line to regroup before they could attack. In the meantime, Maj Gen von Coors' cavalry counterattacked capturing a battery and destroying a Grenadier unit. As the second line advanced, Reich Duke Wilhelm arrived on the field behind the Prussians. Panic ran through the Prussian army as their second attack also failed. Maj Gen von Coors watch as his cavalry captured a howitzer battery and engaged the Prussian Cuirassiers. As the Prussians tried to retreat back toward their supply line, Reich Duke Wilhelm's re-enforcements closed in. The Prussian Commander, realizing he had no were to go asked for terms. With minimal casualties, Wilhelm captured 12 Flags, 4 Standards, and three batteries. Maj Gen Kieth and his dispirited troops were paroled on written promise that none of the officers or troop would participate in any further hostilities against The Reich Duchy of Beerstein. For his courage, valor, and tenacity, Reich Duke Wilhelm invested Maj Gen von Coors into the Military Order of the Golden Crown, proclaimed him Baron von Blatzberg, and presented him with a local estate. Major Honking Thirst was recognized with a battlefield promoted to Colonel. General MacKay's artillery severely punished the advancing Prussian lines and was recognized for his exceptional skill. The unparalleled efforts of these heros presented the Reich Duchy of Beerstein it's greatest victory. Reich Duke Wilhelm proclaimed five days of thanksgiving and rejoicing! Photos of the battle are posted on my site.


MurdocK said...

A full afternoon of celebrations in Wein is proposed.

Once the good Baron and Colonel are fit enough to travel (and the pesky Prussians are seen on their way) they are to be presented to Her Majesty the Empress!

Following the presentations will be a grand victory ball...still in the planning stages for the Empire is stll yet engaged with those Altmoranians at the siege of Oldmütz.

Miguel said...

Viribus Unitis! :)

Thanks for this great victory Reich Duke Wilhelm