Saturday, August 2, 2008

Empress Maria Theresa summons Reich Duke Wilhelm to Vienna

Empress Maria Theresa summoned Reich Duke Wilhelm, his son Wilhelm II, and the heroes of the Battles of Alesgarden and Blatzberg to Vienna. During their presentation, Empress Maria Theresa promoted Reich Duke Wilhelm to Field Marshal, invested him into her newly constituted Order of Maria Theresa, and proclaimed him "Lion of the Empire." Duchess Lynda was heard to say, "Thrice a knight at his age is something to behold."

Wilhelm II was elevated to Prinz and Baron von Brewswick. Maj Gen Adolph von Coors Baron von Blatzberg, Maj Gen Lother Blunderdonner Baron von Alesgarden, General Pickelmany, Generaloffizer Mackay, and General Lista Baron von Lista were all invested into the Order of the Golden Fleece and named Reich Graf (Count of the Empire). Colonel Honking Thirst was also invested into the Order of the Golden Fleece and presented a regiment of his choice.

In a private audiance, Empress Maria Theresa explained that the Barony of Brewswick is a very contentious province. Austria, Prussia, and Russia all have claimed the mineral rich area and her appointment of Wilhelm II as Baron will no doubt raise the ire of Berlin and Moscow. Since Wilhelm II is still attending the University of Pabst Field Marshal Reich Duke Wilhelm will serve as "Reich Protector" against all adversaries!


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