Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Board of Inquiry for Commander of Naval Actions against Barbary States

The investigation into the actions of the recently-launched Mediterranean squadron must be of great concern to the entire Imperial court.

Wagers may be placed at your local coffeehouse as to the ultimate outcome...


Frankfurter said...

from what Frankfurter hears, they beat up on those pirates really well ... imagine, folks who won't eat good Pork sausage!

Capt Bill said...

Great view of the Admirality building!

MurdocK said...

The 'board' of Inquiry will prevail.

Admiral will be 'sacked' and not so quietly 'retire'.

If his protests continue, the resulting Imperial diet will relieve him of his lands.

Odds are 5:1 against aquittal, 3:1 for him being 'sacked' and 20:1 in favor of him loosing it all and going back to sea under a different flag in two years time unless he shuts up and goes away.